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Custom Cabinets and Molding

Custom Cabinets and Molding



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Refinished Red Oak





















Kitchens are more than a sum of their parts, more than cabinets, fixtures, appliances, and counter tops. A well-designed kitchen balances concept and function, integrates personality and finds a harmony between its parts. Elements don’t just match, they work together so that the whole kitchen makes a statement for the home.

A complete kitchen design typically requires:    

  • Structural layout of walls, ceilings, windows and doorways.
  • Evaluation of appliances, and required power, access and ventilation requirements.
  • Flooring selection.
  • Cabinetry layout and selection.
  • Counter top structure, design and selection.
  • Back-splash wall finish selections.
  • Plumbing fixture selection
  • Lighting design and selection
  • Cabinet Hardware.

all while controlling the budget.

Cabinet Selection and Design: According to your needs and desires, we design the perfect cabinets for you, starting with material selection (wood, composites, stainless steel, aluminum are common options), and a functional, aesthetically-pleasing layout. Constructing your in any color, style or finish. 

Counter top Design Selection: We will help you determine whether granite, marble, limestone, quartz or soapstone surface best serve the client's aesthetic, functional and budgetary needs for their kitchen remodel.

Backsplash Selection: Options include glass, stone tile,  stainless steel, mosaic, and tile mosaic. 

Built-ins: Custom Kitchen Eating Nook Built Ins, Pantry Built Ins, Office Built ins, Breakfast Bar Built Ins, Wine Rack Built ins, and Shelving... The possibilities are endless!!

Hardware: Door and Cabinet Pulls, Handles, and Knobs.

Flooring: Materials: Ceramic, Porcelain, Travertine, Granite, Hardwood, Layout or Tile pattern

Lighting: Assessing general and specific light requirements for the kitchen's areas, Assessing the existing electrical layout and the cost of changes, the creation of a lighting plan to locate can-lighting, pendant lighting, and recess lighting, Selection of Lighting Fixtures 

Fixtures and Sinks: Evaluating the cost of moving plumbing fixtures to new locations, Selection of plumbing fixtures and sinks. 

Appliances: Evaluating the costs of moving appliances to new locations. Selection of kitchen appliances.


  • Our installers are expert cabinet installers and insure that your kitchen is completed the way it was designed.