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American Lighting now available at KC Cabinetry


KC Cabinetry, a kitchen remodeling showroom, in Littleton CO. now carries American Lighting Products for under-cabinet lighting! American Lighting was founded in 1989 and prides itself in innovative products and high quality customer service. We use their products in any under-cabinet lighting that your home might need.


Priori Plus LED

One of the products offered is the Priori Plus LED lighting. This sleek lighting system comes in dark bronze or white and is less than an inch thick. Like all LED lights, this product has a long life (over 50,000 hours), which saves money in the long run. These are also dimmable, which means that you can lower the lights for a romantic evening or make it bright for a fun party.


Priori T2 Under cabinet lighting

American Lighting also offers Priori T2. It is also a small lighting system (less than an inch!) and comes in bronze, brushed steel, and white. It produces 30% more light than other products while saving 75% more energy than incandescent lighting. The Priori T2 comes with a 3 year warranty as well.


Priori Xenon

The Priori Xenon comes with the same colors and height as the Priori T2, but has some other qualities as well. It has magnetic clips that won’t bend or break like other clips or tabs, and they require no transformer. These dimmable lights can last up to three times longer than halogens, and the tempered glass lenses reflects light evenly.


120V Xenon Under Cabinet Lighting

The last under-cabinet lighting system offered by American Lighting is the 120V Xenon. Similar in colors to the Priori Xenon, this lighting system produces a white light that is perfect for workstations. It is dimmable and can offer up to 80,000 hours of light life. It is safe and easy to change the xenon light bulbs with the hinged lens, and sits just over one and a half inches in height.

When you start looking into kitchen remodeling contact one of KC Cabinetry’s kitchen planers they can help you select all of the products you will need for your custom kitchen. www.kccabinetry.com