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Kitchen Remodeling List – 10 things you need to check at counter top template

Well, your cabinets are in and your kitchen is starting to look like a kitchen again, and now they are coming to template for countertops. Well you have already selected the material maybe even selected the specific slabs, so the template is no big deal correct …think again Kemo Sabe.

Apron Front Sink/ Counter Top Detail

The following is a list of 10 things you need to check for during the template (10 important things), so yes, you should be there. Numerous decisions that will affect your kitchen remodel will need to be reviewed.

  1. All fixtures and appliances should be on site. - Actual dimensions and positioning should be checked.
  2. Edge profiles and thickness. - Double check all specifications for edges and desired thicknesses. In many kitchen remodels different edges and thicknesses are used on island counter tops.
  3. Sink cutouts - Under- mount and apron front sinks have numerous options. The counter top overhang or reveal can be specified differently for different looks, discuss these options with your designer or contractor.
  4. Faucet and other small cutouts – Check requirements for additional holes for: switches, dispensers, or sprayers, select final locations.
  5. Backsplash – Review backsplash design and its integration with the counter top.
  6. Window sills – If window sills are being replaced with counter top material check dimensions to insure they do not obstruct window or faucet functionality.
  7. Corner radius – Inside and outside corner radius should be specified (typically from 1/8’ to 3” - Hint; smaller is better)
  8. Support – Check for solid support on overhangs greater than 9 inches, bracket or leg installation should be complete.
  9. Overhangs – All overhangs should be reviewed for final dimensions: Front edges - typically 1.0"   -  Side edges - typically 1.0” - Larger overhangs - typically for seating
  10. Layout and seam location - now is a good time to start the discussion on the seams and slab layout (this discussion may need to be concluded at the fabrication shop)

Well there you have it, that should keep you busy, your template should take between 1 and 2 hours and hopefully your new kitchen remodel turns out perfectly.