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Characteristics of Wood

Characteristics of Wood

Alder/Knotty Alder is a reddish-brown to pale yellow wood with soft, straight grain, even texture, and a subtle figure. Knotty Alder will have small 1/4" closed knots to large 2" open knots appear sporadically throughout the cabinetry and cabinet components. Knotty Alder plywood will mostly have closed knots of various sizes.

Cherry is an elegant, multi-colored hardwood. Natural or light stains accent these color variations making a distinctive statement in a full kitchen. Cherry wood will darken or "mellow" with age. This mellowing is a natural occurrence and the benefit of owning a solid cherry kitchen.

Hickory is a strong, open grained wood that is known for its wide variation in color. It is not uncommon to see doors, or parts of doors that range in color from deep brown to vanilla when finished in light or natural stains. These characteristics are what make each hickory cabinet unique and a preference of those who love wood.

Maple is a strong, close grained wood that is predominately off-white in color, although it also contains light hues of yellow-brown and pink. Hard maple occasionally contains light tan or small dark streaks.

Oak is a strong, open grained wood that has a range of color of white, yellow and pink. Red oak is sometimes streaked with green, yellow and black mineral deposits and may contain some wide grain. Oak is also available in Knotty which has an emphasis on knots and grain.

Thermofoil (RTF) Laminates in white and variety of new colors and patterns are laminated to high density substrate furniture board and detailed for each style.