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Lately we have been spending quite a bit of money on something called "Ram Board".  it doesn't directly add value to the kitchen, it’s expensive,and our clients don't ask for it, (most have never even heard of it) So, the obvious questions;

- why are we buying it

- why are we telling you about it?

Okay, well as you hopefully know, we are all about value. So while it is a little bit expensive,

IT PROTECTS OUR CUSTOMERS HOMES, (which saves us thousands of dollars and dozens of headaches). Ram Board is a temporary floor protection material. (yawn)

It protects your flooring from being damaged during the kitchen remodeling process. (that was the good part)

It’s pretty easy to install, reusable and it works. See the remodeling process can be hard on the floors in a home. Most our clients have hardwood or tile floors and the last thing we want to do is - damage the home while we are improving the home.

We of course think this makes sense, not everyone seems to agree, every week we see job sites with unprotected flooring. Maybe those guys don’t spill or drop stuff - um makes me think.

Anyway we think it’s a great product; it does what it is supposed to and it’s a good value

We are are going to keep sending money on Ram Board at least until we can find a better value.