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Caring for those new cabinets

Well you have just completed a kitchen remodel and now you have a beautiful new kitchen with some great new cabinets (they better be great considering what they cost, right?) Now, how do you take care of these beautiful boxes?

Today, most kitchen cabinets have a final finish-coat of conversion varnish. This is a very durable finish that should keep your new cabinets looking good for a very long time (you don’t think I am going to quantify that do you?) with minimal effort. But they are in a kitchen and you will have to keep them clean.

Well. Since you probably won’t read this whole article (not that I blame you) let’s start with the important stuff - what not to do.

CAUTION – I know you don’t like to be told what to do but let’s remember what those cab’s cost alright?...alright?

Do not use cleaners which contain abrasives

Do not use cleaners which contain ammonia or chlorine

Do not bear down when wiping the cabinets

Do not use any wax or coating on the cabinets – yes I know there are all sorts of “experts” out there that will tell otherwise but trust me I don’t want to sell you new cabinets (well I do want to sell you new cabinets but not because you ruined the ones you just bought)

Okay if you are still with me, here is what TO DO


Use a soft lint-free cloth… easy right?



Wipe up spills right away (for my fellow procrastinators that means within the next 60 seconds)



Simply wipe surface of cabinet with water and mild soap or detergent then wipe dry, thoroughly dry. Do this regularly so that grease and grime don’t build up.



You bought new high-quality, professionally made cabinets (like those from KC Cabinetry).

Take care of them. It does not matter if they are painted, glazed, cherry, walnut, knotty alder, solid wood, veneer, face frame or frameless cabinets:


Dust them

Wipe up spills

Clean them with mild solution of soap and water, dry them.

Use a soft clean lint-free cloth.