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Renovation vs. Remodeling: What’s the difference?

In the interior designing world, there is some confusion on the difference between renovating and remodeling a space. Some designers use it interchangeably, causing more confusion to the common person. When a client asks a designer to renovate or redesign their house, different ideas can come up and the clients “dream” home can become something entirely different.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, to renovate means “to restore to a former better state (as by cleaning, repairing, or rebuilding)” while to remodel means “to alter the structure of”. In simpler terms, if you are going to renovate your bathroom, you are going to update your existing space. This can be done through changing the granite countertops to quartz, retiling the floors, or replacing the old oak cabinets with cherry. If you are going to remodel your kitchen, you are going to basically rip most of the kitchen. Cabinets can be added, the layout of the counters can be changed, sinks can be expanded, and walls can be knocked down.

Remodeling means much more work, time, and money. If your kitchen is a simple one counter 8×8 room closed off from the dining room and you plan on entertaining a lot of people and you want something bigger and more open, remodeling is definitely for you. In may take longer, but in the end you will love your home and use the space more often.
If you like the space of your kitchen or bathroom, a simple renovation can be enough. You can simply change the handles on the cabinets, or retile the floor and update the countertops. This saves a significant amount of time and money and can be extremely simple.

KC Cabinetry can help you renovate or remodel your home and can help you design the changes and choose the products that are right for your home. Then, we can do the work for you in a quick and professional manner. Call or come into our kitchen remodeling showroom in Highlands Ranch, Colorado today for a free consultation.

The pictures below are of a current remodeling project we are doing in Roxborough, as well as past renovations we have done across the Denver metro area.